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Quantitative chemical analysis

Harris, Daniel C (1948-...) ; Lucy, Charles A

New York : Macmillan, 2020


  • Titre :
    Quantitative chemical analysis
  • Auteur(s) : Harris, Daniel C (1948-...) ; Lucy, Charles A
  • Éditeur : New York : Macmillan
  • Édition : Tenth edition.
  • Parution : 2020
  • Notes : Notes bibliogr. Index
    The 10th edition of Quantitative Chemical Analysis continues to set the standard for learning analytical chemistry with distinguished writing, the most up-to-date content, and now the acclaimed SaplingPlus program, supporting exceptional problem solving practice. New author Charles Lucy joins Dan Harris, infusing additional subject expertise and classroom experience into the 10th edition" -- Publisher
  • Sommaire : The analytical process
    Tools of the trade
    Experimental error
    Quality assurance and calibration methods
    Chemical equilibrium
    Activity and the systematic treatment of equilibrium
    Monoprotic acid-base equilibria
    Polyprotic acid-base equilibria
    Acid-base titrations
    EDTA titrations
    Advanced topics in equilibrium
    Fundamentals of electrochemistry
    Electrodes and potentiometry
    Redox titrations
    Electroanalytical techniques
    Fundamentals of spectrophotometry
    Applications of spectrophotometry
    Atomic spectroscopy
    Mass spectrometry
    Introduction to analytical separations
    Gas chromatography
    High-performance liquid chromatography
    Chromatographic methods and capillary electrophoresis
    Gravimetric analysis, precipitation titrations, and combustion analysis
    Sample preparation

  • Format : 1 vol. (xxiii-833 p.) : ill. en noir et coul. ; 29 cm
  • Langue : Anglais
  • Type : Livre
  • ISBN 978-1-319-32450-6 (rel. ) . ISBN 1-319-32450-9 (rel. )
  • Source : Catalogue Bibliothèque Diderot
  • Origine de cette notice : SUDOC

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