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Suspensions of colloidal particles and aggregates

Babick, Frank

Appartient à la collection : Particle technology series (Print), ISSN 1567-827X

[Cham] Swtizerland. Springer, 2016, cop. 2016


  • Titre :
    Suspensions of colloidal particles and aggregates
  • Auteur : Babick, Frank
  • Titres liés : Autre édition sur un autre support : Suspensions of Colloidal Particles and Aggregates
  • Éditeur : [Cham] Swtizerland. Springer
  • Parution : 2016, cop. 2016
  • Notes : Bibliogr. Index
    This book addresses the properties of particles in colloidal suspensions. It has a focus on particle aggregates and the dependency of their physical behaviour on morphological parameters. For this purpose, relevant theories and methodological tools are reviewed and applied to selected examples. The book is divided into four main chapters. The first of them introduces important measurement techniques for the determination of particle size and interfacial properties in colloidal suspensions. A further chapter is devoted to the physico-chemical properties of colloidal particles--highlighting the interfacial phenomena and the corresponding interactions between particles. The book's central chapter examines the structure-property relations of colloidal aggregates. This comprises concepts to quantify size and structure of aggregates, models and numerical tools for calculating the (light) scattering and hydrodynamic properties of aggregates, and a discussion on van-der-Waals and double layer interactions between aggregates. It is illustrated how such knowledge may significantly enhance the characterisation of colloidal suspensions. The final part of the book refers to the information, ideas and concepts already presented in order to address technical aspects of the preparation of colloidal suspensions--in particular the performance of relevant dispersion techniques and the stability of colloidal suspensions
  • Liens : Appartient à la collection : Particle technology series (Print), ISSN 1567-827X
  • Sujets : Colloïdes;
  • Sommaire : Introduction
    Characterisation of colloidal suspensions
    Fundamentals in colloid science
    Suspensions of colloidal aggregates
    Dispersion of colloidal suspensions and their stability
    Summary and conclusion

  • Format : 1 vol. (xxi340 p.) : ill. ; 25 cm
  • Langue : Anglais
  • Type : Livre
  • ISBN 3-319-30661-8 . ISBN 978-3-319-30661-2
  • Source : Catalogue Bibliothèque Diderot
  • Origine de cette notice : SUDOC

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