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The Philosophy of Creativity: New Essays

Paul, Elliot Samuel ;Kaufman, Scott Barry; ; Paul, Elliot Samuel ; Kaufman, Scott Barry

Oxford University Press, 2014

  • Titre :
    The Philosophy of Creativity: New Essays
  • Auteur : Paul, Elliot Samuel ; Kaufman, Scott Barry
  • Paul, Elliot Samuel ; Kaufman, Scott Barry
  • Éditeur : Oxford University Press
  • Parution : 2014
  • Notes : Creativity pervades human life. It is the mark of individuality, the vehicle of self-expression, and the engine of progress in every human endeavor. It also raises a wealth of philosophical questions, but curiously, it hasn’t been a major topic in contemporary philosophy. The Philosophy of Creativity ventures to change that. Illustrating the value of interdisciplinary exchange, this is a series of new essays from some of today’s leading thinkers integrating philosophical insights with empirical research. Join them as they explore such issues as the role of consciousness in the creative process, the role of the audience in the creation of art, the emergence of creativity through childhood pretending, whether great works of literature give us insight into human nature, whether a computer program can really be creative, the definition of creativity, whether creativity is a virtue, the difference between creativity in science and art, and whether creativity can be taught—both in general and within philosophy itself.
  • Sujets : Philosophy ; Philosophy Of Mind ; Creativity ; Imagination ; Innovation ; Consciousness ; Artificial Intelligence ; Cognitive Science ; Philosophy ; Aesthetics ; Insight ; Virtue ; Interdisciplinary ; Philosophy Of Mind ; Education
  • Langue : Anglais
  • Type : Livre
  • ISBN: 9780199836963 ; E-ISBN: 9780199362547 ; DOI: 10.1093/acprof:oso/9780199836963.001.0001

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