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John Keats in context

O'Neill, Michael (1953-...) (Ed.)

Appartient à la collection : Literature in context

Cambridge : New York : Port Melbourne [etc.] : Cambridge University Press, 2017


  • Titre :
    John Keats in context
  • Auteur(s) : O'Neill, Michael (1953-...) (Ed.)
  • Éditeur : Cambridge : New York : Port Melbourne [etc.] : Cambridge University Press
  • Parution : 2017
  • Notes : Bibliogr. p. 351-361. Notes bibliogr. en fin de chapitre. Index
    "John Keats (1795-1821) continues to delight and challenge readers both within and beyond the acade-mic community through his poems and letters. This volume provides frameworks for enhanced analysis and appreciation of Keats and his work, with each chapter supplying a succinct, informed, and accessible account of a particular topic. Leading scholars examine the life and work of Keats against the backdrop of his influences, contemporaries, and reception, and explore the interaction of poet and world. The essays consider his enduring but ever-altering appeal, engage with critical discussion and debate, and offer revisionary close reading of the poems and letters. Students and specialists will find their knowledge of Keats's life and work enriched by chapters that survey subjects ranging from education, relationships, and religion to art, genre, and film." [Jaquette]
  • Liens : Appartient à la collection : Literature in context
  • Sujets : Keats, John (1795-1821);
    Keats, John (1795-1821) -- Critique et interprétation;
    Keats, John (1795-1821) -- Criticism and interpretation;
  • Sommaire : Biographies and film / Sarah Wootton
    Formative years and medical training / Hrileena Ghosh and Nicolas Roe
    Surgery, science and suffering / Nicholas Roe
    Fanny Brawne and other women / Heidi Thomson
    Mortality / Shahidha Bari
    Travel / Jeffrey C. Robinson
    Letters / Madeleine Callaghan
    Manuscripts and publishing history / John Barnard
    The Hunt circle and the Cockney school / Gregory Leadbetter
    London / Timothy Webb
    Politics / Richard Cronin
    Sociability / Grant F. Scott
    The visual and plastic arts / Nancy Moore Goslee
    Religion and myth / Anthony John Harding
    The Enlightenment and history / Porscha Fermanis
    Keats and Hazlitt / Duncan Wu
    Imaginations, beauty and truth / Charles W. Mahoney
    The poetical character / Seamus Perry
    The senses and sensation / Stacey McDowell
    Prosody and versification in the odes / Michael O'Neill
    Poetic precursors (1) : Dante and Shakespeare / Chris Murray
    Poetic precursors (2) : Spenser, Milton, Dryden, Pope / Beth lau
    Contemporaries (1) (and immediate predecessors) : Tighe, Radcliffe, Southey, Burns, Chatterton, Hunt, Wordsworth / Michael O'Neill
    Contemporaries (2) : Coleridge, Byron, Shelley / Jane Stabler
    Ballad, romance and narrative / Andrew Bennett
    Epic and tragedy / Susan J. Wolfson
    Lyrical genres / Christopher R. Miller
    Tennyson to Wilde / Herbert F. Tucker
    Hardy, Edward Thomas, Stevens, Bishop, Heaney / Michael O'Neill
    American writing / Mark Sandy
    Contemporary reviews / Kelvin Everest
    Critical reception, 1821-1900 / Francis O'Gorman
    Keats criticism, 1900-1963 / Matthew Scott
    Keats criticism, post-1963 / Richard Marggraf Turley

  • Format : 1 vol. (XVII-373 p.) : jaquette ill. en coul. ; 24 cm
  • Langue : Anglais
  • Type : Livre
  • ISBN 978-1-107-07055-4 (rel. ) . ISBN 1-107-07055-4 (rel. ) . ISBN 978-1-107-67437-0 (br. )
  • Source : Catalogue Bibliothèque Diderot
  • Origine de cette notice : SUDOC

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